A software house that builds products your customers want.

We are an one-stop-for-all software house for those who have great ideas but no skillset to realize them. We build a product through an iterative process - creating the minimum viable product, analyzing customer feedbacks and behavioral data, and adjusting the ideas - in order to test and validate real needs of your customers.

Building a perfect product is important, but it is more important to test and validate your idea swiftly.

“Great. Now we need an app.”

Are you building a product that will solve your customers’ pain? Are you sure you are not building a product that you’ve been wanting to build? We will build tools to help you test and validate your hypothesis about your customers.

Stay involved throughout
the development.

“I’ve waited three months to get only this?”

Have you been waiting for a few months and the end product was not what you expected? You can join us on a bi-weekly basis so you can quickly respond to the change in the market. You can watch and participate in the development process anytime.

Your product should work properly even if your customers come in like a tsunami.

“Why is it not working when it’s most needed?”

You focus on the customers. Lecle will take care of the operation.
We also collect customer usage data so you can make a meaningful decision about your products.

Jump to the next stage

whenever you want.

“We want to try it ourselves.”

If you choose to further develop and operate a product on
your own we will help set it up for you. If you want to build
your own dev team we can help you interview and get them
ready for the development and operation.

Our work

Who we are

Lecle is a global software house with
locations in Korea, USA, Singapore, and Vietnam.
We offer solutions that are best suited to our customers in an environment where diverse
cultures and technologies combined.

Founded in 2014, Lecle received an initial investment from The Ventures
and went through Plug and Play’s accelerating program.

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